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Hi there! I’m a Web Developer from Charleston, Illinois. I use the latest frameworks to deliver cutting edge UI/UX applications for both commercial and personal projects. I enjoy deadlines, problem solving, and being the “go-to” guy when people need help. I specialize in all things web development, but enjoy various hobbies of game development, Node applications, computer repair, and used to help regularly on the Wordpress forums. I’m very familiar with Microsoft Office software and the Adobe creative suite. I enjoy contributing to open source projects and applying best practices. I’m always eager to learn new things and can’t rest until I find the answer to a problem and what caused it. I’m the IT person in the family and happily rush to the call to set up a device for my family members or troubleshoot an issue they’re having. I look forward to the chance to work with you and greatly appreciate you taking the time to review my portfolio.

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Work Experience

Software Developer •
Pavlov Media (Aug 2018 - Present)

  • Create and maintain Single Page Applications in Node.js, Angular 2+, and TypeScript
  • Integrate frontend with backend using RESTful APIs to communicate with one-another
  • Use reactive programming with RxJS to streamline UI/UX design
  • Contribute to SCRUM and Agile planning and development processes
  • Use version control to collaborate and integrate my sprint tasks with others
  • Create custom reusable libraries using a Nexus Repository
  • Create and manage Docker images using a proprietary Docker orchestration system
  • Created and maintain Ansible scripts to provision Raspberry Pis for field techs to use
  • Regularly update projects with the latest versions of libraries and tools
  • Applied web design knowledge on the core themes and styles that the company uses
  • Offer senior assistance to the team regarding the system and error troubleshooting
  • Regularly SSH into host machines to check container health
  • Created an Express / Angular based UI for rapid prototyping of data models that exposes the endpoints and type definitions through Swagger UI

Full Stack Developer •
Imagine This! Marketing Group (Aug 2016 - Aug 2018) • 2 yr 1 mo

  • Create and maintain websites in varying CMS platforms (Wordpress, Drupal, and Magento)
  • Email and database troubleshooting using GoDaddy, Digital Ocean, and other hosting providers
  • Offer senior assistance to our web development team
  • Create custom Wordpress plugins to integrate with the needs of our clients

Freight Unloader + Stocker •
Walmart (Apr 2014 - Aug 2016) • 5 mo

  • Zone aisles
  • Unload truck
  • Process truck
  • Stock shelves

Web Developer •
CloudCarpenter Websites (Jan 2014 - Present) • (on and off)

  • Designing and implementing CloudCarpenter’s proprietary CMS into those themes. I have designed the websites for many businesses throughout the Charleston surrounding area.
  • Occasionally, the clients will require components in their website that the CMS does not include, or they request components that they have in their Wordpress or Drupal site they would like included, so it is my job to design a custom application that suits their needs, usually in PHP or jQuery.
  • All websites can be found at ​CloudCarpenter’s website​.

Cook •
KFC / A&W (Apr 2013 - Apr 2016) • 3 yr 1 mo

  • My main role was as a fry cook, but I also assisted with the making and packing for both KFC and A&W as often as I was needed.
  • I also assisted the managers several times with their truck counts, and have been offered a managerial position several times throughout my time at KFC, but have declined due to conflicts with my past school schedules and/or the commute distance from Mattoon.

Web Developer Internship •
Heartland Dental (Jan 2015 - Jun 2015) • 6 mo

  • Helped in the converting of all 500+ websites into Drupal “thumbprints”.
  • When offices needed revisions to their website (doctor changes, bio additions, etc.) it was also my job to correct them.